Rigma Village Homestay Dolpa

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Lake Foksundo (3,611 m)
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Rigma village is located on the shores of Lake phoksundo (3,611 m). Trekkers to Dolpa Lower Circuit, Upper Dolpo and phoksundo hikers stays at Rigma village. There are 65 houses in the village of Shey-Foksundo Municipality-8, Dolpa district.

Lama, Buda, Baiji and Gurung of Bhote community lives in the village. Potato, buckwheat, wheat and mustard seeds are produced here. Cauliflower, cabbage, carrot and green vegetable are grown in the village. Buffaloes, goats and chickens are reared as animal husbandry.

The attraction of the village is phoksundo Lake, which has an area of 4.95 sq km. It has a maximum length of 5.93 sq. km, and maximum width of 1.80 km and a depth of 145 m.

The village is bordered by Kanjirowa himal to the northwest and Kang Taika Tong himal to the south.

The inhabitants of Rigma practices the Yungdhung Bon religion. The promoter of the Bon religion is Tonpa Shenrab Miwo, and is believed to have started more than 18 thousands years ago. The village has monasteries, chaityas and mane.

There is no electricity facility in the village and solar energy is available. Mobile phone works. There are 8 hotels in Rigma where good hospitality is found in homestay.

The famous She-Gumba is a two-day trek from Rigma village, while a three-day trek crosses Bagala Pass and Numla pass reaches Dho-Tarap Valley (4,300 m).


Kathmandu-Nepalgunj 500 km, 10 hours by bus or 55 minutes by air. Nepalgunj-Dolpa air travel takes 35 minutes. Jufal-Suligad is 8 km in a jeep. It takes two days and a morning walk from Suligad to reach Rigma village.

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