Village Trekking / Homestay in Nepal

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What about experiencing the most authentic taste of Nepal? What about staying with a typical Nepalese family and understanding a different world?

Homestays and village tour are perhaps the best answers.

The heart of Nepal lies in villages in the mountains and hills. They can best represent Nepal and its hospitality. Mostly organic food harvested in nearby gardens, cooked in a traditional way and served with friendly smiles in a family setting is, for a traveler, a wonderful opportunity.

Walking through the green woods and enjoying pristine nature

Great Himalayan Holidays has a home stay program where the guest has an opportunity to stay five to six days with the local people of a village. If you are fortunate, you may see the villagers dancing and singing during festivities. The evenings may be a time to enjoy a glass of home-brewed beer, called Chhyang, or whiskey, called Raksi. We encourage travelers to get involved in village tours and listen to the rhythm of mountain life. Our team of Great Mountain Holidays that include guides, porter, cooking members are people from the local communities as well.

The essential part of the village tour is the relation between the village host/ community and the traveler. There are a few places in the world where you can trek with explanations for days and weeks with uninterrupted mountain scenery served with a hot meal every time. You may have local or homegrown tea whenever you stop.

Our team would accompany you throughout your tour and will provide you with information and insights about the place, the culture and the way of life of the you will meet and stay together with, while also ensuring your safety.

We are currently practicing this at Gorkha. Dalla, and Koshi Tappu, Namje, Amaltari, Kalabang are some of the few villages where we are planning to provide more of these services.

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