Bhutan: The land of Thunder Dragon

The mystical Asian Kingdom, known as Druk Yul meaning ‘the land of Thunder Dragon’ is an oasis in the mountains, rhododendron forests, glacier lake, green valleys, and untouched rivers. Everyone feels little away from the hustle and bustle of the world probably because it is a sparsely populated country. The unique lifestyle, culture, and heritage, Bhutan has to offer take a traveler back to time.

Enjoy a stroll through the quaint villages, forts (dzongs) and monasteries, the fervor of Buddhism can be felt. Culture and religion can be seen on the streets and in way of life in Bhutan. A cultural hub for Tibetan Buddhism is Bhutan. When one strolls around the villages and fortressed dzongs and monasteries, a fervor of Buddhism is experienced. We offer tours of different length to Bhutan. Do join us in our organized group tours or customized private tour to the country. A dream destination.

Climb up towards Paro Taktsang – the monastery of Tiger’s Nest. Clinging to the cliff edge of overlooking the valley of Upper Paro.


Dense forests, green valleys, clean rivers, national parks and high mountains fit fascinatingly together is the country of Bhutan in South Asia. It is, like Nepal, a landlocked country between China and India.

It is a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral parliament. With a population of 755,000, it is a small and one of the sparsely populated countries in Asia


Unlike other countries, Bhutan has been very careful in promoting its tourism. The tourism potential a small country of Bhutan has is enormous. Unlike other countries, they are somehow trying to control ‘mass tourism’ by levying higher fees to tourists in order to maintain quality. The state has given high importance to nature conservation and cultural biodiversity.

Services offered in Bhutan may not be very professional but are simple enough to make the travelers experience a ‘different world’.

Land of Happiness

Climate and travel season

An ideal temperature of 20 to 30 degree Celsius is experienced in Bhutan. A good monsoon.

Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are the best seasons to visit Bhutan. Cold winter and active monsoon are experienced throughout the country


Friendly, loyal and religious people are Bhutanese. Most of the Bhutanese practice Tibetan Buddhism.



The food world in Bhutan is unique. It has its own taste. Street food binding people in Bhutan.


A wide range of accommodation from budget hotels and 5-star hotels


Roads are functionally good and narrow. There are plenty of good hotels and restaurants in Thimpu, the capital.



Official language is Dzongkha (Bhutanese). English is widely spoken.

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