Nepal white water rafting & kayaking

Flirt with water
Nepal has some of the best whitewater in the world. It is a home of innumerable big or small mountain rivers. Well-poised for a thrilling adventure of rafting or kayaking. If you even have thought of rafting or kayaking, you are in a paradise.

A series of freshwater rivers flowing directly from the mountains has attracted trekkers and travelers. They range from calm to steep and adrenaline-charged mountain rivers. For an experienced rafter or river enthusiast, kayaking in roaring rivers is dream come true.

Rafting in fast-flowing rivers is a wonderful way to experience Nepal. You may see more of the traditional countryside while rafting than you do on treks or tours. You may do a day rafting tour or enjoy camping in the woods under the stars. The amount of fun it has in hours and the sheer escape from the world would be enough to enchant anyone.

We will be glad to offer a rafting or kayaking tour to give your river experience a shape.

Let our experts guide you to your perfect Holiday.

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