Jungle Safari in Nepal

Whisper with rhinos
A tour to Nepal is not fully complete if you don’t venture into some of the best national parks in Asia. While one can see the highest of mountains in the north of Nepal the south is the home of sub-tropical jungles with the best wildlife in the sub-continent.

Nepal has numerous national parks, wildlife reserves, and preservation areas. They are the homes of one-horned rhinoceros, tiger, leopard, sloth bear, wild elephants, striped hyena, dolphin, wild bison, deer, crocodiles, and gharials. Chitwan National Park is the most popular among them. It was declared a national park back in 1973 and because of its rich nature and wildlife, it was recognized by UNESCO as a ‘World Heritage Site- Natural’.

A visit to wildlife jungle safari offers an extensive variety of wildlife and birds. One of the great thrills is to sit atop a big elephant and roam inside the jungle for hours seeing rhinos, deer, and wild animals in their habitat. You may also take a 4W drive for a jeep safari.

Animals are surprisingly unconcerned by the slow-moving jeep drive in the deepest of the jungle. Jungle guide or naturalist by your side would be happy to brief you about numerous animals. You may also come for a jungle walk with us in sightseeing the flora and fauna it has.

We, the team of Great Mountain Holidays, will accompany you to the dense forest and show you the wildest of animals playing in their habitat.  

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