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Kailali's Bhada village is a typical Tharu settlement. Riot Gurba Bhagwati Das had settled Tharu in Bhada in a bid to prevent any other caste. The name of the village is derived from his name initials. He established Guru Jagannath through Tantric science. Starting with 13 huts, today there are two hundred houses in the Bhada village. Today, Bhada village is inviting not only people of other ethnicities, but also foreigners from across the world. They invite people for a guest experience only.

Bhada Village Community Homestay was started from 2067 BS. Around 19 homes are available for homestay. It is fun to visit the Ganesh Community Forest, Joginya Lake, Behda Baba Temple, Rameshwor Temple, Sahadeva Lake by the available larks (cattle carts) or bicycles.

The Food, lifestyle and culture of Tharu community attracts many here. The villagers perform various dancing forms like Sakhiya, Jhumra, Maghauta, Lathouhawa, Baithaki, Mungrahwa and Guruva. Tharu cuisine includes eggs, rice, Dhikri, kheriya, bariya, panjra, egg bread, Gangta, snails, pork, prawn fish, cinnamon, mahogany liquor, etc.

The best time to travel Bhada village is from Asoj to Magh.


Kathmandu - Dhangadhi 680 km, 14 hours by bus or 1 hour 10 minutes by air . From Dhangadhi, 17 km to reach Bhada village via Baili. The committee sends trucks to Dhangadhi, Jhil and Rajipur to pick up and transport them from the village.

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