See the different world
while walking
Trekkers are amazed by the energy and strength they discover in themselves and by the visible change when their weight drops and muscles firm.

If you can walk you can trek. They are thrilled by the fact what their body could achieve after the successful trek.

Test your endurance. See the different world while walking

Trekking may sound a little demanding or intimidating for some, but it is, in fact, surprisingly easy. It is a great art of enjoying the mountains and nature. Just walk with your own pace to some of the best trekking destinations on earth and expect a warm meal in a safe tented camp at the end of the day. Alternatively, you may choose a tea-house trek that gives the amenities a local village can provide.

The best of Nepal is probably revealed in trekking. More than gazing at the mountains leaving behind the hustle and bustle of life, trekking is walk and live amid the mountains for days and weeks. Trekking is a process rather than a destination and should not be a constantly forced march. It is an opportunity to witness a different world and many wonders. On the way, you may find people virtually untouched by modern development or observe a unique way of life and culture. Some of the best moments of trekking are to stop in the backdrop of mountains to see them play gleefully despite the challenges of their remote life.

It may be an eye-opening introduction to how our ancestors would have lived in the past. The two major attractions that account for the popularity of trekking in Nepal are the scenery and its people. The flora and fauna seen during the trek are some of the highlights. Trekking areas several trekking areas in Nepal. Some famous of them are Annapurna, Everest, and Manaslu. Where to trek depends largely on your time. Depending upon the length of time, you may reach a vantage hilltop in a few hours or to the very high mountain pass or base camp of the tallest mountain in a few weeks. As one climbs higher, the sub-tropical midlands give way to meadows, stretches of forest, roaring rivers, and deep canyons before you reach to the foot of snowcapped mountains. The view changes with the season, whether it is the change in seasons or the cycle of plantation or harvesting or the brilliant display of wildflowers.

Trekking Regions

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