Welcome to Great Mountain Holidays

Great Mountain Holidays invites you to experience the serenity of the Great Himalaya, where ancient sages meditated on the mysteries of Being amongst the blessed surroundings of unparalleled Nature.

While introducing you to the magnificence of these mountains, we bring you into intimate proximity with the cultures of the varied tribal folk who live at different elevations across their great expanse - the parts that fall into present day India, the former Kingdoms of Nepal and Sikkim, of Bhutan and north of them all, the vast plateaux of Tibet.

The Company is the association of Ganesh Gurung and his brothers who hail from the central district of Gorkha in Nepal and who grew up to be guided, leading visits on hikes through their native territory, through Nepal and the other states that Himalayas spread.

Tourism has opened up remote cultures to the world and brought the isolated into the present day. Natural disasters like the recent earthquake, the drying up of water sources have added a new urgent dimension to rebuilding and modernising the countryside, the emphasis on general adult education.
Great Mountain Holidays with friends made from the clientele they have handled through the years, devote time and profits with donations and the technical help of international friends into helping these programs !

Come visit and join us in our efforts to assist in the programs, get to know the folk you are assisting while enjoying the special beauty of their environment.

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